Virtual Postage Australia

PDF to Post and Post to PDF with extras you simply cannot beat. Your virtual postal outlet is prices. Ask us how we customise for you. View our full price list and bonus/custom plans and offers.

Whether it be just sending a simple letter, or a customer reminder, a letter of demand, an official invoice or quote, a court document that must be served by mail, a certificate printed on special paper, something on letterhead or something that needs to be signed for, we can cater for you. We simply charge a small monthly fee and the best pricing that costs less than the petrol, with no minimums or maximums for a standard letter.

With plans starting at $15.20 a month, you just cannot go wrong. Now that's cheaper than driving to the post office or hiring someone. All accounts are prepaid but on a plan to give you the best deal so you will never get a bill. You simply buy postage, scanning and handling credit and it is added to your balance.

Send AND Receive real post anywhere in Australia anytime electronically! Take a look at our benefits page.

Saves time, money and virtualises your written correspondence. We have options for everyone, from a simple letter - to letterhead pre-signed forms, custom paper, express post, registered post, basically anything you can physically send at a post office is now available online via this new Initiative. Any person in business - in any profession - medical, legal, pharmaceutical, training, you name it; this is for you. Learn more

Pricing and Benefits

Virtual Postage Australia is a new initiative for Australia providing quality mail solutions to suit the ever-changing needs of business. We provide real virtual 2 way mail, not just bills, not just a storage drive for bills - but real snail mail. We have the best pricing plans available and the best technology. We provide world class mail solutions that allow Australian businesses to send their postal mail online from the office or anywhere with internet access to an Australian address. Our friendly and professional team make it easy for you to focus on running your business. We’re a friendly team dedicated to serving you! Our mission is to provide high quality mail posting and forwarding services at an affordable price and deliver exceptional customer service.
  • Send via PDF from anywhere

    Our system works via a browser, dedicated iPhone or Android App, Tablet PC, iPad, Windows, Mac, Linux, with SMS alert options and more.

  • Generous plans available

    Our base plan starts off at $15.20 a month + GST. The more you recharge, the lower this price goes. Speak to us about this when you receive an information kit.

  • Flexible options to suit

    Need something done out of the ordinary - need hard wrapping or a cylinder posted, whatever it is - feel safe in the knowledge that you will know the exact price before committing.

  • Low cost, enormous savings

    If you compare this cost with what you would pay a receptionist or anyone to stand in a queue at a Post Office, then consider your time, it's easy to do the Maths.

  • Attain a customised quote

    Just ask if you have a special requirement and we will quote you if there is any difference. However, with the postal service, you must read and agree to our terms and conditions as we cannot guarantee what is out of our control.

  • Go monthly, or save upfront

    We have plans with up to 50% off so call now. Call 1300 753 884. customercare@virtualpostage.com.au.

  • Track correspondence

    With a sophisticated dashboard, not only can you track when and how a job was sent, you can provide special instructions and communicate with us as to your requirements, top-up and more.

  • Use your own stationery

    It is natural that you may wish to use your own letterhead - and envelopes for that matter. In this case there may be an extra charge but simply send in the request.

  • We are your Virtual Post Office

    Consider our online system as your Virtual Post Office. This innovative approach has just hit Australia and is currently in Beta phase. It is funded by RPL Central Pty. Ltd. We are only accepting a limited number of customers - so let's go!

Real life applications

Lawyer -Client - Barrister

Need to send a letter to your client, a letter of demand on your own letterhead? Some things just have to be done formally.

Training Organisation

Imagine the time saving in printing your certificates. Why not organise a custom option with us that you can link up to your Student Management System and send us the paper with postage instructions.

Referring Doctor/Consultant

Need to write or dictate a letter, and simply want to save money - have a simple process, and know when you're done - its out the door?

The Admin Girl

Who wants to wait in line? If you are a regular sender of letters, for example, sending bills, invoices, or even for person reasons, communicating with loved ones, why not use our service and save the money and time.

This is the most amazing service for me (I'm just a stock standard Director), and it has saved me thousands of dollars in productivity. Before I used to ask our receptionist to leave half an hour early to post each day - now I have 15 hours a week to get work done and make sure our calls are answered. The prices are amazing! You would have to be crazy to miss an opportunity like this, especially with the integration these guys have with every platform you can imagine."
Anthony Fagan (Chiropractor)

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